President's greeting

Welcome to the future

The Products of León are no longer just a brand, they are an institution, a benchmark. 

After the Diputación de León created this label in the mid-90s of the last century, we have managed to make this province one of the provinces with the most quality seals in Europe, with a total of 18. Quality artisan products, among which are our wines with designation of origin or all those related to the traditional sausages of León, to which in successive years have been added cheeses, fruit and vegetable products, sweets, honey... 

In addition, we have been an example that has been followed in other areas of Spain with the shared conviction that what is close to us, what is local, what the land itself provides, is what can take us the furthest.    

At the moment, the Products of Leon are a whole ecosystem of more than 300 companies closely linked to the rural environment, which also exemplifies the great diversity of foods that can be found in this province. 

If we consume Productos de León we will be supporting our farmers and ranchers, a social fabric that brings together around 14,000 jobs and accounts for 10% of our provincial GDP. We will be contributing to the fight against the depopulation of our province, the main problem that those of us who dedicate ourselves to public service face on a daily basis.

To continue with this commitment, we also have to consolidate ourselves in the new formulas of promotion and marketing, which involve adapting to the digital revolution underway. 

This definitive staging of the enormous gastronomic wealth of León comes through this online sales portal, which will make the best of our pantry available to consumers anywhere in the world. 

We are absolutely convinced that this online portal is a great opportunity for agri-food with Leonese seal that no one can or should miss. Proof of this is the excellent reception that the website has obtained with a start-up backed by more than a thousand references. Thanks, once again, to the Leonese producers for this good response.

After three decades of existence and having been pioneers with the creation of the brand Productos de León, we are now making the leap to the digital and global market. I hope that this will help the Leonese agri-food sector to receive the definitive backing.  

Welcome to the future.

Eduardo Morán Pacios

President of the Provincial Council of León

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